Silage is a biological process which depends on many different factors. It is very important to create the right conditions to preserve a high energy and protein content. Proper ensiling ensures the nutritional content, palatability and hygiene of the feed. An improved palatability will increase feed intake which in turn increases production, growth and animal health.


Acid based silage additives lower the pH in the green matter instantaneously and thus impair or even stop the growth of unwanted microorganisms. By adding an ensiling agent containing formic acid during the ensiling process, the breakdown of protein is reduced. A larger proportion of the protein in the silage is left to be utilized by the animal. By adding an ensiling agent containing propionic acid during the ensiling process, the growth of yeast and molds will be reduced to a minimum. These benefits will improve the storage ability of the feed, even after opening the silo or bale.



Efficient silage production with ProMyr™

Our new generation of ensiling ProMyr™ products contains mixtures of propionic acid, formic acid and their salts. Most of them are non-corrosive and thereby safer to handle than pure acids. All our silage additives are thoroughly tested and have undergone development over many years in order to ensure a good start to the ensiling process and at the same time to produce silage that remains stable during storage.


Our silage additives have several advantages, they:

- inhibit the growth of undesired microorganisms and prevent biochemical degradation

- ensure that the silage maintains its nutritional value

- reduce solids losses

- improve the hygienic quality

- result in a more palatable feed

Perstorp strives continuously to improve feed quality, animal health and profitability. We maintain active partnerships with leading researchers and universities and we cooperate closely with authorities, other companies in the sector and our own customers. You can regard us as an ensiling specialist who will assist you with everything from advice and analyses to finding solutions to problems. With our own research department and a team of agronomists with practical experience we are the partner best able to make your ensiling more efficient and more profitable.

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