Protecting animal feed and health

Silage, hay and haylage are the main feeds for ruminants and horses. Silage is usually made from grass crops, including maize, sorghum or other cereals. It is a nutritious feed for livestock, because the process retains a large proportion of nutrients.

Properly ensiling feed, under the right conditions, preserves a high energy and protein content and inhibits unwanted microorganisms such as Clostridia and yeast. Our ProMyr™ silage additives help to ensure a good start to the ensiling process and to produce a storage stable feed.

Our silage additives improve your bottom line result by:

  • Inhibiting the growth of undesired microorganisms and biochemical degradation
  • Counteracting feed devaluation
  • Reducing dry matter losses
  • Improving the hygienic quality
  • Giving a more palatable feed