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In modern poultry production systems feed is the main cost. To ensure optimal poultry health and performance, all feed ingredients must be perfectly balanced. Therefore it is essential to protect the feed against oxidation to maintain its quality. Usually antioxidants are added through the premix to protect the premix and the complete feed.

Oxidation is the irreversible chemical reaction in which oxygen reacts with feed and feed components. The oxidation of feed ingredients is a common problem in the feed industry that leads to:

- The breakdown/degradation of oils, fats, pigments, proteins and fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K

- Loss of palatability

- Loss of feeding value

- Development of toxic metabolites

Feeding oxidized feed to animals can result in decreased animal health and performance. Therefore it is crucial to prevent oxidation of feed and feed ingredients.


ProTain™ antioxidant additives

Perstorp’s solution to the problem of oxidation is an antioxidant product line called ProTain™. ProTain™ products prevent the start of the chemical reaction that initiates the oxidation of valuable nutrients, resulting in an improved nutritional value, increased poultry health and performance. Therefore it is vital to prevent oxidation of feed and feed ingredients. The main benefits are:

- Prolonged product shelf-life through ingredient stabilization.

- Protection of nutritional value and organoleptic quality.

- Highly efficient synergistic combinations of (natural) antioxidants with chelators.

- Maximal dispersion and efficacy of the antioxidant through optimal physical properties


The efficacy of antioxidants depends on the type of feed or feed component that needs stabilizing, the storage conditions of the feed or feed component (temperature, presence of metal ions, presence of light) and the dosage rate of the antioxidant.

Oxidation is a complex process which demands specialized advice. To achieve the maximum protection of your feed or feed components it is recommended to seek advice from our application specialists.

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