Gut health

Geert Wielsma
Geert Wielsma
VP Business Development Animal Nutrition
+31 652 023 439

Gut health is the complex interaction between the microflora in the intestine, feed, the intestinal wall itself and the immune system. Only when all of these factors are in balance can optimal nutrient digestion and absorption be expected as well as improved animal health. Conversely, if the gut health is affected negatively this will have an impact on the animal health and production. Furthermore the gut is the largest immunological organ in the body. This means that a healthy gut also means a healthy animal with a good ability to fight off disease and utilize nutrients as efficiently as possible.


ProPhorce™ gut health solutions

Perstorp offers solutions that can aid in the gut health of poultry. These range from products that optimize the feed quality (ProPhorce™ AC) to powerful antibacterial products that can help decrease contamination of feed and animals (ProPhorce™ PH and ProPhorce™ BD).

ProPhorce™ SR is the ultimate in gut health solutions .It consists of esters of butyric acid and glycerol.This ester bond completely eliminates the unpleasant odor normally associated with butyric acid products. Not only are these butyrins antibacterial but by the very nature of their structure can increase animal performance through their positive effect on the intestinal wall, microflora and immune system.

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