Proving the unmatched efficiency of esterified butyric acid

Geert Wielsma
Geert Wielsma
VP Business Development Animal Nutrition
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The technique of esterifying butyric acid has proven to be the most efficient way of creating odorless butyric acid that is released where you want it: in the gut. The only common alternative is coated sodium butyrate. Dozens of these products can be found on the market, with varying concentrations of butyrate. Too often products with such a coating still suffer from the butyric acid smell. If these problems are solved with high contents of fat coatings efficiency problems occur. The quantity of the active molecules in these high coated products is simply too low, leaving you with a less than optimal butyric acid solution.

Broiler performance trial

In the summer of 2014 we performed a performance trial in broilers. We compared the effects of ProPhorce™ SR and a coated sodium butyrate product with 32% sodium butyrate. The trial took place at a Dutch research farm, with 6000 Ross308 broilers, divided into two groups. The birds received either ProPhorce™ SR or the coated sodium butyrate. At the end of the trial, we compared the technical results and the footpad lesion score. Although the birds in the ProPhorce™ SR group received less product compared to the coated sodium butyrate, the results were much better, stressing the efficacy of esterified butyric acids.


Group 1

Group 2


Coated product with 32%
sodium butyrate

ProPhorce™ SR 130

Starter feed
D 0 – 14

 1.5 kg/ ton

1 kg/ ton

Grower feed
D 14 – 29


1 kg/ ton


700 gr/ ton

Finisher feed
D 30 – 41



FCR with ProPhorce SR

Feed Conversion Ratio measured at 1500 grams of body weight.


Growth with ProPhorce SR

Broiler growth in grams per day – average from day 1-41.


Coated product with 32%
sodium butyrate

ProPhorce™ SR 130


52 gr/d
55 gr/d





 Footpad lesions   164
Even at lower dosage levels, ProPhorce™ SR is more efficient than coated sodium salts. Broiler performance improved and the litter was dryer, as can be seen through the footpad lesion scores. With a lower cost per treatment and a higher production result, ProPhorce™ SR proves to be beneficial for broilers in starter and grower feed.


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