The Asian Evolution

The increasing average wealth in Asia has led to an increased appetite for animal protein. The Asian continent accounts for the largest compound feed production and is still continuously growing. Associated with this growth is the emphasis on hygiene and efficiency in the production chain. As a basic producer of organic acids, we have been playing a key role in the Asian market for preservation of raw materials and finished feed for years. We are very happy that over the last four years we managed to triple our volumes in Asia. Our presence in the Asian market at this point is predominantly based on the classic portfolios of ProSid™ MI mold inhibitors and ProPhorce™ AC acidifiers. With the current trends, that might very well soon change.

Mold inhibitors and more
Keeping raw materials free of molds and bacteria is a continuous objective of our customers in Asia. Besides the significant sales volume of the existing portfolio of mold inhibitors, our Research and Development department developed ProSid™ MI 700, which is a mold inhibitor with reduced corrosivity, a long lasting effect and improved economics. We will continue to establish ProSid™ MI 700 as the best value-for-money mold inhibitor in the Asian market. But on the back of current trends in the Asian markets, we look to do more than just that.

On the intestinal health bandwagon
For Asia, our main focus is to enhance the presence of products with an intestinal health stimulating effect, most notably our ProPhorce™ SR but also drinking water additives. In the last 2 years ProPhorce™ SR – our range of esterified butyric acid products - has been successfully launched in the region in both poultry and swine diets. We believe that this is something to be proud of because the use of anti-microbial growth promoters is still allowed in many countries in Asia. It shows the strength of the ProPhorce™ SR concept. Evidence is starting to show that ProPhorce™ SR in combination with AMGP’s may lead to a remarkable improvement of intestinal health.

From broilers to piglets, from China to India
In India ProPhorce™ SR 130 was successfully introduced in the broiler market. The market there is clearly convinced that ProPhorce™ SR 130 boosts intestinal health and in turn the economical performance of the birds. Meanwhile, in other countries the benefits of ProPhorce™ SR 130 for laying hens have been confirmed, especially for layers in the latter stages of the production cycle to support egg shell quality.

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