Sudak International Poultry conference and fair

Peter Papocsi
Peter Papocsi
Regional Sales Manager, Feed Additives
+36 202 644 663

In the last week of September Perstorp attended a major poultry related event in Sudak, Ukraine. “Perstorp was present at two booths with two distributors, once with our traditional Ukrainian distributor, AREAL company but also with our new partner, PALMIRA” commented Peter Papócsi, sales manager CEE. He continues: ”we also had the opportunity to give two presentations at the poultry congress: one about one of our mycotoxin solutions - ProSid TB 102TM - presented by Kees Verburg, and another by guest speaker professor Leonid Podobed about the mode of action of ProPhorce™ organic acids and essential oils. Both presentations generated great interests in our concepts.”

During the conference many business contacts from the Ukraine, but also from countries like Belarus, Russia, Moldova, Bulgaria, Hungary, Denmark, Spain, Italy, France, Belgium and The Netherlands were greeted by our staff. “Clearly Sudak conference has become a major international hub and cornerstone for poultry specialists – no doubt we will be back again in 2014” Papócsi summarizes.

“There is a greater awareness and understanding of mycotoxin-related problems in Europe today. They are certainly a growing concern in the Ukraine. Customers are looking for safe solutions. We have a unique position as a quality supplier of solutions against molds and mycotoxins. As such we can help our customers to safeguard their production” – adds Kees Verburg.

Perstorp has been taking serious steps towards a stronger presence in the Ukrainian market thanks to AREAL’s re-registration of ProSid™ TB 102 and 5 new product lines becoming available in the Ukraine with the support of PALMIRA: ProPhorce™ dry and liquid acidifiers, ProFare™ enzymes, ProSid™ MI preservatives and ProMyr™ silage additives.

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