ProPhorce™ SR makes a difference in poultry performance

ProPhorce™ SR makes a difference in poultry performance

In one of last year’s issues of ‘The Difference’ we discussed the many benefits of our butyrin products called ProPhorce™ SR*. Butyrins are glycerol esters of butyric acid that help to improve nutrient digestibility. A number of gut health related effects are attributed to butyric acid such as the optimization of intestinal microbiota and improvement of the epithelial integrity and defense systems. ProPhorce™ SR included in animal diets or added via drinking water assists the animal in maintaining gut health resulting in improvement of performance. Animal trials to demonstrate these effects have been set up at various locations. In this article we will discuss some of the trials we have done with ProPhorce™ SR in poultry, cooperating with several established trial institutions and with professional poultry farms.

IRTA, Spain 2012

  • - Performance trial
  • - Ross 308 broilers

The overall performance of the birds was high even of the control group. During the first 28 days ProPhorce™ SR 110 assisted in the development of the intestinal tract of the bird. During the period 28 days till slaughter (38 days) there was a significant increase in daily gain: 5.7 % in the birds receiving ProPhorce™ SR 110 at 500 g/ton over the birds receiving the control diet. The feed efficiency was improved by 3 points resulting in 8 points increase in European Performance Efficiency Factor, from 342 upto 350.

IMASDE, Spain 2012

  • - Dose response trials
  • - Ross 308 broilers

In this trial the birds were split into three groups:

1. standard diets (starter, grower and finisher) as a control

2. the starter diet was supplemented with 1 kg/ton of ProPhorce™ SR 110, the grower diet with 500 g/ton and the finisher with 350 g/ton

3. the starter diet was supplemented with 1 kg/ton of ProPhorce™ SR 110, the grower diet with 500 g/ton and the finisher with 500 g/ton

In the period from 28 till 42 days there was a significant increase in daily gain with the birds. The feed to gain ratio was improved by resp. 10.1 % and 7.8 % over that of the chickens receiving the control diet.

Czech Republic 2012

  • - Practical trial
  • - COBB 500 chicks

A farm with natural challenge: two identical barns housing 80 000 chicks each were selected to examine the development of the intestinal tract. One barn served as control the other as treatment, whereby 1 ml/l ProPhorce™ SR was supplemented through the drinking water. At 10 days of age birds of each barn were selected for checking the histology of the small intestines. An improvement in villi length of 47% in the duodenum and of 23% in the jejenum of birds was measured in the chicks receiving ProPhorce™ SR 710 in the drinking water, compared to the birds from the control group.

United Kingdom 2012

  • - Practical trial
  • - Ross 308

An average performing broiler farm within an organization was selected to check the impact of ProPhorce™ SR 110 in the diet of broilers. In short:

  • - The wet litter problem on this farm was reduced
  • - There was reduced rejection at the slaughter house
  • - An improved feed efficiency was shown











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ProPhorce™ SR products are continually showing good results in trial facilities and under practical circumstances, thus showing its value for animal rearing. In one of the next issues from ‘The Difference’ we will be discussing the trial results of ProPhorce™ SR in swine, so keep an eye out!