Reliable moisture optimization with our dosing equipment

Perstorp now offers dosing equipment and a service package with our ProSid™ MI products. The easy to use equipment goes hand in hand with our ProSid™ MI liquid mold inhibitors and as such ensures a high reliability. The system is delivered as one complete package. It consists of
- a pump
- a flow meter
- a controller
- nozzles
- a connection for the tank or IBC

The equipment is delivered and installed by skilled specialists that also provide service and possible repairs to ensure continued accuracy. The dosing equipment is designed particularly for feed mills moisturizing feed or preserving grains or raw materials with Perstorp’s patented yeast and mold inhibitor ProSid™ MI 700.

Moisture optimization in a feed mill
Loss of moisture is the most important processing loss for a feed mill. Loss of water during the manufacturing process of compound feed will lead to operational, nutritional and economic losses. Adding water is the measure to prevent major economic loss, but should be accompanied by a mold inhibitor as higher water activity leads to more mold growth. The use of Perstorp’s dosing system offers you a unique solution for an optimum water content of your feed.

Grain preservation
The single biggest reason for the loss of grain quality is infestation by molds. Effective grain preservation starts with the addition of a good mold inhibitor just before the grain is stored. The use of Perstorp’s dosing system ensures optimal dosing for the best result.

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