ProPhorce™ AC 600 - The safer formic acid*

ProPhorce™ AC 600 - The safer formic acid

ProPhorce AC 600 is formic acid that can be handled with minimal risk. It is formic acid buffered with sodium formate which can be used in feed and drinking water for piglets, pigs, sows, broilers, and layers.

ProPhorce AC 600 is:

  • - less corrosive than formic acid
    - has nutritional value
    - inhibits growth of pathogenic bacteria
    - no ADR restrictions on transport and storage
    - equally effective as formic acid


Buffering formic acid with sodium formate gives benefits on transport, nutritional value, safety and corrosion. The evaporation, corrosion and the pungent smell of
organic acids are significantly reduced by the buffering of ProPhorce™ AC 600. This makes it a very user friendly and easy to use product. There are no restrictions on transport, storage or application, contrary to unbuffered organic acids.

Antibacterial effect
ProPhorce™ AC 600 increases feed hygiene without harming your equipment. It has a strong antibacterial effect against
pathogenic bacteria such as:
- E. coli
- Salmonella
- Staphylococcus