Perstorp Perfect Mixx

Lars Brendstrup
Lars Brendstrup
Business Development Manager
+46 729 779 669

Feed is an important item in every way on the farm. The better it matches the animal’s nutritional requirements, the less losses occur. Additives are critical components in feed and they have a huge impact on feed quality, safety and animal performance. Adding the right additives homogenously at the right dosage rates in the production process at the feed mill enables you to get the most out of feed. It is all about managing the details. Perstorp offers a new solution where the best products available can be combined with highly accurate dosing equipment. This unique combination called Perstorp Perfect Mixx helps to improve the quality and safety of the feed, animal performance and the results on the farm.


The many benefits that organic acids can offer are well documented. Some of the key areas where organic acid based additives can make a real difference are:

  • feed hygiene
  • gut health
  • mold inhibition 
  • moisture balance optimization

For each of these purposes we have products availablethat use esterified organic acids. This technology has many benefits, not the least of which is its surface tension reducing properties which promote a perfect homogenous spread across the feed for optimal reliability.


Want to know more about Perstorp Perfect Mixx? Watch the movie below, download the brochure or contact us!




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