Perstorp sees threat of antibiotic resistance: invests €14+ million in Feed & Food

Tony Toebak
Tony Toebak
Communications Manager Perstorp Animal Nutrition
+31 416 317 721

One of the greatest threats to our health in 2048? Probably antibiotic resistance. In 2048, antibiotic resistance could cause more casualties than cancer. More than enough reason for Perstorp to further invest in organic acid-based solutions and especially solutions based on the esters of organic acids, an area where Perstorp has seen incredible potential. Roger Mann, Executive Vice President of Perstorp Feed & Food: ‘Growing world population and increasing protein consumption require next generation solutions. Our broad range of solutions offers many application areas that can help to reduce antibiotics.’

The use of antibiotics as a growth promotor might have been banned in Europe (2006) and regulated in the US (2017), antibiotic resistance nevertheless still poses a great threat to public health. Over the last decades consumers have become more and more aware of the dangers of antibiotics. ‘Research shows our organic acid and ester based solutions offer an answer to society’s demand to prevent human antibiotic resistance,’ says Roger Mann, Executive Vice President Perstorp of Perstorp Feed & Food.

Roger MannFor everyone, everywhere
Perstorp is investing more than 14 million euros in its Feed & Food Business Area. The world leader will strategically strengthen and expand their Feed & Food plant in Waspik and will look to establish satellite production units in Asia and the Americas. The latter to offer a faster, more robust and flexible supply chain to these areas
. ‘We want our clients to benefit from our organic acid and ester based solutions, all around the world.’

Agricultural lifeline
Mann, a driven man with a lifeline in agrifood looks forward to his new mission. The key to finding new, innovative answers? Mann: ‘Putting the right people in the right place. Perstorp Feed & Food combines a lifeline in agriculture with excellent research. This gives us deep understanding of farmers’, veterinarians and nutritionists’ needs.’ To invest in solutions for gut health and preservation, Feed & Food intends to double the number of employees in R&D, regulatory affairs, supply chain, operations, marketing and sales. ‘Employees with the right skills and a passion for agri-food.’

As a leading company in organic acid and ester based solutions, Perstorp can build on more than 135 years of experience. The now global company still shows the Swedish reliability in the face of every challenge. ‘Finding next generation solutions has always been our focus. Take our ester technology for example: a unique way to bind acids such as butyric, propionic and valeric acid making them more efficient and safer to use. Our focus on the future makes us also invest in other areas, like digitalization. In this ever changing world with its constantly shifting demands, Perstorp wants to keep pace with customer needs and demands.’

Growing consciousness
Investing in Feed & Food was also a consumer driven decision, concludes Roger Mann: ‘Taking ownership of your health is a trend we see worldwide. People want to know what is on their plate, how their food is made, and how the animals were treated. Society calls for better solutions. By investing in Feed & Food we want to contribute to a sustainable world for future generations.’


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