Practical solutions to preserve the nutritional value of feed and grains in storage

When you store feed or feed raw materials there is always a risk of losing nutritional value or contaminations with molds, bacteria and/or yeasts. Of course you want to limit this as much as possible to provide animals with safe feed with a high nutritional value. Well preserved feed or feed raw materials will keep its nutritional value for a longer time.

Organic acids such as propionic acid have shown to prevent molds for long periods of time. When you prevent molds from occurring, not only do you prevent the reduction of nutritional value, you are also protecting animals from the harmful effects of the mycotoxins that these molds would have produced.

And that while it is classified as non-corrosive! Our star product in the area of preservation is ProSid™ MI 700. It assures reliable preservation of feed raw materials that lasts for longer than even pure propionic acid. And that while it is classified as non-corrosive.

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We can help you with

  1. prevent molds in feed and feed raw materials such as grains and soya for sustained nutritional value, with ProSid™ MI
  2. prevent molds in liquid feeds (DDGS) for sustained nutritional value with ProSid™ FL
  3. prevent oxidation of fats and oils with ProTain™ antioxidants