Secure healthy feed and improve the growth rate in aquaculture

Approximately 50% of world fisheries production, worth approximately $90 billion, now comes from farmed fishing known as, aquaculture.

Aquaculture is predominantly carried out in Asia-Pacific, which accounts for 89% of global production. Growth in aquaculture is faster than most other feed segments in the world, and is expected to intensify as demand for animal protein from aquatic species (currently 16%) increases.

In aquaculture – as in all types of animal production systems – it is key to optimize feed and animal health.

The products we offer the feed industry support these aims:

  • ProSid™ MI mold inhibitors to prevent the deterioration of raw materials and feed due to molds and yeasts
  • ProPhorce™ PH anti-bacterial to help manage problems with pathogenic bacteria.

For customers in certain parts of the world Perstorp also offers:

  • ProSid™ TB mycotoxin adsorbents
  • ProPhorce™ AC 299 to enhance growth rate

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Marketing Communications Manager Perstorp Animal Nutrition

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