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Patricia Oddshammar
Patricia Oddshammar
VP, BU Feed & Food
+46 40 635 88 54

The fast growing global demand for protein, increased food safety awareness, industrialization of farming, and the drive for more sustainable solutions are all putting pressure on the food chain. Feed plays a vital role in meeting these challenges, which is highlighted by a strong growing organic acid market.

Perstorp provides key raw materials, such as propionic acid and formic acid as acidifiers, preservatives, antibacterial agents, and as silage additives. Our innovative product range is designed to achieve three things:

- Preserve animal feed by inhibiting mold growth and harmful bacteria
- Assist animal performance, welfare and health by supporting good feed hygiene and gut health
- Promote good ensiling and high silage quality

Perstorp offer:

ProSid range offers solutions against mold growth and mycotoxins
ProMyr™ range to preserve and promote good and nutritional silage
ProPhorce™ range for improved feed digestibility, gut health, and inhibiting harmful bacteria
ProTain™ range of antioxidants that prolong shelf life by preventing food fats from going rancid
ProFare™ range of enzymes for improved nutrient digestibility

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    • 27 April 2017

      Notice of Force Majeure - ProPhorce™ AC200 and Calcium formate Tech

      We are currently taking all measures to resume...

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