A service toolbox built around you!

We’re on a mission to generate success for our resins & coatings customers and the environment. How are we going to do that? Good question, and one we asked ourselves.

We already have a world-leading portfolio of pro-environment building blocks and specialty products for resins & coatings customers; but to create a results-driven partnership we needed to take a holistic view of your business and the global trends affecting resins & coatings.

So, we decided to find out where we could help you the most. By following the phases of your journey from need discovery to development of new formulas, processing & production through to delivery and successful market implementation we identified where we could add real value. The result is a service concept and toolbox built around you with innovation and sustainability at its heart!

Access to relevant expertise & winning services

All our services are built to support you wherever you are in your journey, but we discovered from talking to our resins & coatings customers that there are four prioritized areas where they need our help the most: Getting your products to market quicker, lowering the total cost of ownership, technical support to optimize formulations and reducing your environmental impact are just some of the advantages of partnering with us. Just click on the four boxes below to gain access to more in-depth information about each service.  

At the core of our hearts

“A strategic partner at the forefront of focused resin and coating innovation that adds value through more sustainable, better performing and more durable solutions and services. Helping our customers, their customers and the environment”.