Gut health solutions for swine

We offer an array of solutions that can help you to improve the performance of your animals supporting gut health. We have solutions that can be incorporated in feed and solutions to be used in water.

The pig production cycle is faced with many potential challenges. Piglets start off competing with each other before weaning offers them the biggest challenges of their lifetime. You can give them a better start by proper sow management. Pigs of all ages can be challenged by pathogens that can have negative effects on gut functions. Strategically implementing our solutions for swine can help you to improve your results, animal wellbeing and performance.

Support piglet health

Piglets need support from the very start. Support can be in the form of feed components such as tributyrin. Tributyrins have shown to positively affect gut integrity and nutritional uptake. ProPhorce™ SR contains tributyrins. A healthy gut and high nutritional uptake have a positive effect on the immune system of young piglets. With a healthy gut you improve resistance against pathogenic infections and the risk of e.g. weaning diarrhea decreases.

Support piglets by supplementing the sow feed

Piglet performance starts with a well performing sow. In the gestation period it is important to have a healthy sow that delivers strong and viable piglets. After farrowing, in the lactation phase it is important that the sow eats as much as possible and that she optimally utilizes the nutrients in the feed. In practice we see that improved nutrient utilization often translates into improvements in the litter’s weight gain and the survival rate at weaning. The healthier the sow, the stronger the piglets. In a number of trials ProPhorce™ SR consistently improved sow body condition and fertility as well as piglet weight gain. 

In gestation sows calcium storage in the bones can be increased by a higher dietary Electrolyte balance (dEB). Ca storage in the bones of lactation sows can be mobilized by a lower dEB. Intelligent management of the dEB has a positive effect on milk production and sow performance after farrowing. A way to affect dEB in feed is to add a sodium source. ProPhorce™ AC 299, contains sodium.

Water quality for improved protection and performance

All known life needs water to function . After air it is arguable the most important prerequisite for life. However in pig production water can also be a source of risks. In the young pig’s life one of the main threats are pathogens. It can be very costly for farmers to have infected animals, and water is an important pathway for pathogens to multiply. It is possible to mitigate pathogenic threats in water by supplementation with water solutions products that effect pH such as our water solutions. 

You can even take it one step further and support gut integrity by using ProPhorce™ Exclusive NC which contains our butyrins.

We can not only help you to preserve the hygienic quality of your water, but of your feed too! Here you can read more about our feed hygiene products >>

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