Gut Health Challenges for Swine

The life of a pig is full of challenges. Even before birth resources can be scarce. After that, things don’t get any easier. At weaning and even at the finishing stage, pathogens make life hard for a pig. The overarching challenge for swine producers is how to navigate this plethora of challenges while also keeping the amount of antibiotics used to a minimum.

Sofia Rengman

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Weaning Challenges

Weaning is probably the most pivotal moment in a pig’s life where the manager’s decisions can have an enormous effect on the piglet’s wellbeing and performance. Many problems can occur that may negatively affect the piglet's health and performance.

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Antibiotic reduction

Antibiotics are undoubtedly one of mankind’s most valuable discovery. They help us and farm animals to fight diseases. They also improve the growth performance of animals. We depend on them so much that antibiotic resistance is one of this century’s biggest concerns for our species.

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Pathogenic pressure

Pathogens are a thorn in the side for anyone in animal production. They can reduce animal performance and put food safety at risk. Finishers are particularly vulnerable, where sudden death just before slaughter is often attributed to pathogens. Learn more about pathogens and keeping them at bay >>


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Sofia Rengman

Business Development Manager Acid Solutions

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