CAS Number: 141-53-7 HS Number: 291512

ProPhorce™ AC 299 is a sodium formate based dry feed acidifier based. This highly available superior sodium source goes beyond acidification. It is also a preferred method of balancing dietary electrolytes and is specially formulated to be non hygroscopic and free flowing.

Sofia Rengman

Business Development Manager Acid Solutions

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Elegantly balanced performance

Perstorp recognises that it is more important than ever to manage your dietary electrolyte balance – without compromising animal performance and feed efficiency. That is why we developed ProPhorce™ AC 299.

ProPhorce™ AC 299 is a highly available sodium source, as well as being a non-corrosive, dry acidifier. It is an economically efficient solution that replaces two products at once. It contains both sodium and formate that have a number of unique properties, as they:

  • Manage the electrolyte balance in a cost-effective way. Optimizing dEB has proven to enhance live weight gain
  • Enhance the conversion of pepsinogen into pepsin, a major enzyme involved in protein digestion.
  • Reduce the emptying rate of the stomach, resulting in an improved nutrient digestibility.
  • Control the enterobacterial load

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