Perstorp investing in a new course at Perstorp Gymnasium in autumn 2016

To help ensure that experts are around in the future, Perstorp AB is investing in a new vocational course at Perstorp Gymnasium for the autumn term 2016, namely Electricity and Energy, concentrating on automation. This will be a three-year course, teaching students to work with automated production systems. Perstorp Gymnasium has taught students Industrial Technology, concentrating on Chemical processes for many years.

Perstorp AB is the trustee of Perstorp Gymnasium and the school works very closely with the global chemicals company. The school’s Principle, Åsa Persson, is looking forward to a new, exciting academic year:

“We are pleased to get this opportunity of investing in the future and it’s extremely positive that the school’s activities are expanding with yet another course. We will initially have five places on the new course, but I’m looking forward to adding more places in the future,” says Åsa.

Anders Hansson, head of the Perstorp Group’s production unit in Perstorp, believes that the close ties between the school’s courses and the chemicals company’s business is very significant for both parties.

“The school’s close ties to the Perstorp Group’s business activities here in Perstorp is an amazing opportunity. Students get the chance of a summer job, work placement and then full-time jobs, and Perstorp gets a very qualified recruitment base for a number of professions. The new course is actually the direct result of an initiative from our maintenance division,” says Anders.

Many of the students also want to further their education and all students who choose Perstorp Gymnasium can then go on to study at college or university. One aim for the school is to create the conditions for a natural transition for furthering education for the students who want that option, when they have completed their three years at Perstorp Gymnasium.

The Electricity and Energy course is a vocational course consisting of four parts, with the 2016/2017 academic year concentrating on automation. This training might lead on to professions such as automation technician, process engineer or industrial electrician.

“The new course will include training students to use the right materials and tools and be able to plan and evaluate work processes. We believe it’s important for students’ progress that they have the opportunity of working closely with real production environments. That’s why every student in year 3 is offered work experience at the Perstorp Group, which has proven to be very successful for former students on the Industrial Technology course,” he concludes.

For more information, please contact:
Åsa Persson, Principle at Perstorp Gymnasium

About Perstorp Gymnasium:
Perstorp Gymnasium is a small school with a big sense of community. The school has three classes with 30 students in each. The trustee of the school is chemicals group Perstorp AB, which has more than 130 years experience of the chemicals industry and is world-leading in many areas. For more information, please contact Principle Åsa Persson.

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