“Sommarjobba Säkert”: Keeping summer workers safe at Site Perstorp

We are strongly committed to our safety work in order to reduce accidents and injuries and provide a safe work environment for all of our employees. During June, 79 summer workers have been trained in how to work safe at Site Perstorp in Sweden.

The project Sommarjobba Säkert (“Summer work Safely”) started in 2012. The training have been running during the introduction week every summer since then and have improved each year. Sommarjobba Säkert have proven to be very successful and we are more than proud to say that since 2013 there have been zero accidents involving a summer worker.

Today, the training consists of a tour of the site and some Perstorp history, fire drill and CPR training, basic ergonomics and how to work safe with machines and technical equipment as well as personal protective gear. It also covers psychosocial aspects such as stress and wellbeing, but also the potential challenges you might face as young and new at a workplace, and much more. The most important messages to all summer workers is to always ask when you feel insecure, follow the Golden Rule and always work safely.

Johan Bergfors, Project Manager of Sommarjobba Säkert says:

“The summer is a period where our regular staff get a well-deserved holiday and where we teach our summer workers to perform many different tasks in a short time. For this reason, it is incredibly important they understand that their actions and behavior form the basis of a safe and accident-free summer. We do our best to create the conditions for this through Summer work Safely”.


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