Winning PMD - finalist in Swedish Learning Awards

Perstorp’s interactive e-learning called Winning PMD, designed to support Perstorpers in their annual appraisals, is one of the finalists in the Swedish Learning Awards 2014.

The annual appraisals, called PMD talks, are important for the development of Perstorp and its employees. This year, an interactive training called Winning PMD was designed and launched in order to raise the quality of PMD talks, and to create a mutual understanding of the purpose and importance of the meetings.

It has now been announced that Perstorp’s Winning PMD is one of the finalists in the Swedish Learning Awards in the category “Revenue generating business”. Swedish Learning Awards is a non-profit event run by representatives from Promise and Swedish Learning Association. The aim of the awards is to put the spotlight on the best educational services, solutions and suppliers in Sweden. It will be announced if Winning PMD is the winner of its category on November 5.

Learn more about Winning PMD here>>

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