Employee development - new interactive training launched

At Perstorp, annual appraisals called PMD talks are carried out to support the employees’ development. This year, a new interactive training has been launched to improve the process even more.

The PMD process, People Management & Development, for 2014 has been kicked off. The process is an important activity for Perstorp where employees have the opportunity to review performance and discuss personal and career development with their managers.

New for the year is an interactive training, Winning PMD, designed to help employees and managers raise the quality of their PMD talks, and to create a mutual understanding of the purpose and importance of the meetings. The training consists, among other parts, of a simulated PMD talk, where the employee David meets with the manager Angela. The turnout of their meeting is based on the decisions of the user. It is possible to play both David and Angela.

“The PMD process is a vital part of the performance management throughout the Perstorp Group to reach the Group’s goals while also developing the employees and it has been running for several years now. Perstorp has a solid structure to support the PMD talks, and this interactive training will be a very good complement helping both managers and employees to prepare and to use the material in order to hold qualitative and good PMD talks”, says Mikael Gedin, EVP Regions & Group Management, responsible for the HR function.

Learn more about Perstorp’s PMD process here >>

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