Perstorp launches new biodiesel

“That this B100 has been given its own name is quite special, but it’s also a unique product,” says Susanne Eckersten.

The name is a play on words as Verdis (vert in French) represents “green” twice over. Verdis Polaris™ B100 is not just a renewable, green fuel, but also green in color. Polaris (pole star in Latin) symbolizes that our biodiesel is suitable for the cold Nordic climate and produced with consideration to the environment as well as our global future.

“When marketing Verdis PolarisTM B100 we have chosen to visualize the product’s benefits using polar light in presentations and other communication. The polar light is a natural phenomenon that appears in the north often appearing as a green glow in the sky. The symbolism is striking,” says Åsa Åberg, market communications manager.

The biodiesel is made from nine parts rapeseed oil and one part methanol. From the process we get nine parts biodiesel and one part glycerin. The glycerin is used as a renewable raw material in making paints for example. The technique used when making the biodiesel at Perstorp’s plant is known as Esterfip-H and was developed by the French company Axens. This technique means that the products are, from the start, very clean and of the highest quality. We don’t add any other ingredients, meaning that our biodiesel has a low water content and low levels of metals, phosphor and other pollutants. Verdis Polaris™ B100 then passes through another final treatment process, which is patent pending and approved by PRV.

Verdis Polaris™ B100 will be launched in stages starting at World Bioenergy 2012, on May 29-31 at stand B03:58 at Elmia in Jönköping.

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