Perstorp supporting Icelandic biodiesel market

Perstorp BioProducts initiates collaboration with an Icelandic biodiesel company to jointly build up the Icelandic biodiesel market. The first step was conducted on May 30, with the inauguration of the first public biodiesel filling station.

Perstorp has together with an Icelandic company started to build up the Icelandic market for biodiesel.

“The demand on European countries to start switching to fossil free fuels is increasing steadily. Iceland is where Sweden was 5-6 years ago, so we are happy to help them with knowledge and experiences”, says Susanne Eckersten, Product Manager BioFuels.

An official inauguration of the first public biodiesel filling station marked the first milestone in the project. The inauguration gained attention from press and media, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gunnar Braga Sveinsson, made the first real tanking.

Susanne Eckersten continues:
“Not only is this an exciting project, but Iceland is also a unique market with great potential for future possibilities”.