Perstorp at Swedish democratic event - the Almedal week

Once again, Perstorp is participating in the largest democratic event of Sweden, the annual Almedal week. Lars Lind, VP BioFuels, will be speaking at two seminars there.

The Almedal week attracts thousands of visitors to a democratic meeting place at the Swedish island of Gotland. Many industries also attend this event, as all national decision makers are gathered.

Lars Lind, VP BioFuels, participates in two seminars during the week. One of them is hosted by IKEM (Innovation and Chemical Industries in Sweden), and called “Paper, chemistry and industry jobs”. The seminar takes place on Tuesday 1 July, 13:45-14:45, at S:t Hansgatan 18F.

Lars Lind is also one of the speakers at the seminar “Fossil independence today - conversion beneficial both for climate and business”. The seminar is hosted by Energifabriken, with the purpose to inspire and demonstrate the current possibilities of fossil independence existing already today. Welcome to the seminar on Tuesday 1 July, 12.00-12.45.
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