Successful inauguration of new biodiesel plant in Norway

Perstorp acquired a biodiesel plant in Fredrikstad in January this year, and now was the time to draw attention to this and celebrate together with customers and opinion leaders from the biofuel arena in Norway and Sweden, as well as with politicians and industrial neighbors. The celebration took place on September 13.

Customers and stakeholders enjoyed a comprehensive program, with focus on biodiesel and Norway's ambitious work with the green shift as well as displaying of one of the most modern biodiesel plants in the world. Last on the agenda was a forum with a smaller group bringing together biofuel stakeholders from Norway, Sweden and Denmark to facilitate a more in depth discussion on current situation and future steps and challenges for biodiesel.

“This is a big day for us working with BioFuels in Perstorp. With the factory in Fredrikstad, we increase our biodiesel capacity by 100 000 tons/year and have entered the market in Norway, where they are really in the forefront on making the shift towards fossil free fuels. This is also an important step for both Norway to show that renewable fuel with high climate efficiency is produced in the country, as well as for Fredrikstad to show that the green shift produces new and attractive job opportunities. I was very proud to present this to our more than 80 guests today”, Lars Lind, VP Perstorp BioProducts says.

“Our products are unique in the sense that they are developed especially for the Nordic climate, where the raw material is European rapeseed oil and the entire production chain is sustainable and traceable. With these features, Perstorp has a strong concept of renewable biodiesel, both low blends and pure biodiesel for use in heavy traffic, public transport, rail transport and for heating”, Lars Lind concludes.

Fredrikstad inauguration 1

Fredrikstad inauguration 3

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