Zinc oxide: solving one problem but creating another? 

The weaning transition is on one of the most critical stages of the pig’s life. Zinc oxide (ZnO) in pharmacological doses has long been known as an effective way of preventing post-weaning diarrhea (PWD), and controlling E. coli infections.

While ZnO does effectively control PWD, the environmental impact of ZnO leaching into the soil and surrounding waterways has raised important questions about the sustainability of its widespread use. By June 2022, ZnO will only be authorized as a feed additive with a legal limit of 150 ppm total Zn. Veterinarian-prescribed treatments containing high doses of ZnO (2,000 ppm or more) will be discontinued to work towards a ZnO-free production



Sofia Rengman

Business Development Manager Acid Solutions

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New challenges, new strategies

Non-traditional ways to treat PWD and to support piglets during this transition are urgently needed. These preventive strategies should ideally be holistic, combining optimal nutrition with best biosecurity, management and health practices. 

Perstorp introduces the Weaning Winners program which acts as multiple lines of defense to ultimately reduce the risk of PWD by:

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We believe that you can find wealth through better animal gut health. Not just wealth from profits, but the feeling of wealth you get when gut health is completely under control and your animals are healthy and achieving their potential and when you have considered people and planet while getting there. Gut wealth is the removal of concern about gut health. It is our goal to achieve that feeling with our customers. A goal that goes beyond gut health by bringing feed safety, performance, expertise, sustainability and profit under one umbrella. 

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