Weaning Challenges

Weaning is probably the most pivotal moment in a pig’s life where the manager’s decisions can have an enormous effect on the piglet’s wellbeing and performance. Many problems can occur, ranging from depressed feed intake, pathogenic pressure, diarrhea, social stress and many other factors negatively affecting the piglet's health and performance. You can find an overview of articles and other resources below discussing challenges that a piglet can face during weaning. 

Keeping pathogens out is of major importance when weaning piglets. Read more here about our feed hygiene offer >>

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Gut Health & Feed Hygiene: 2 steps closer to NAE

To achieve the goal of no antibiotics ever, the industry needs to look at all areas of the production system. Gut health and feed hygiene are key drivers to optimize health and nutrition while reducing exposure to pathogens. Read the article>>


Antibiotic resistance

5 tips for successful weaning

Weaning simply can’t be rushed. Keep this in mind and think about the way we look at the weaning process in piglets. Read the article >>
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Nutritional strategies to raise nursery piglets without antibiotics

As the intensive production of animals moves towards a reduction or even complete ban of antibiotics, focus has shifted towards different management practices and the use of natural substances. Dr. Mario Ramirez discusses the alternatives for antibiotics in this webinar >>
Webinar: Nutritional strategies to raise nursery piglets without antibiotics

No Antibiotics Ever Webinar

'No Antibiotics Ever' is the highest standard of antibiotic reduction in animal production. Pig Progress organized a webinar where 3 experts offered their perspectives on NAE. Watch the webinar >>

Webinar ‘No antibiotics ever’ in pig production

Causes for foul smelling feces

Animal feces can say a lot about its health. How often they go, and how much waste they expel, can indicate the general digestive health. READ the full article >>
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