What happens now?

Preventing PWD should ideally be holistic, combining optimal nutrition with best biosecurity, management, and health practices. There is no single substitute for ZnO, so each plan should be tailored to the needs of the individual farm. 



  • Building ventilation, temperature, humidity
  • Intake of good quality colostrum
  • Access to fresh and clean water and feed
  • Creep feeding


  • Vaccination program
  • Animal welfare standards
  • Optimal weight conditions at weaning
  • Good feed hygiene, quality, and composition


  • Vermin control
  • Strict biosecurity protocols
  • Hygiene routines


A healthy gut is the cornerstone when it comes to achieving healthy and optimally performing animals, which translates into improved profitability. Safeguarding gut health not only means strengthening the gut from within, but also preventing challenges from entering the gut to begin with. A good nutritional program that can help overcome the challenges posed by the ZnO ban should meet the following objectives:

1. Deliver optimal quality feed and water

2. Enhance beneficial microflora development

3. Support gut health and integrity, resulting in effective nutrient absorption

4. Support the piglet’s natural defenses


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Sofia Rengman

Business Development Manager Acid Solutions

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