Product basics: ProSid™ MI 700

Our business can get very technical. So much so that sometimes the basics on what a product does are rushed by in favor of technical information on the how and proof questions. Therefore we will periodically post ‘product basics’ that explain what our products do at a level that everyone can understand – not just nutritionists and veterinarians. For the second article in this series we’ll have a look at the most innovative mold inhibitor available today: ProSid™ MI 700.

Most grains are not used immediately after harvest. Most of it is stored to use later as feed for animals. During this storage molds can develop. They will:

  • consume the nutritional value of the stored grains and negatively impact taste and digestibility
  • produce harmful unwanted toxins or material that can make the animals sick after consuming the feed.

Needless to say preventing molds from growing is very important.

Organic acids and most notably propionic acid has been used to prevent and inhibit molds in stored grains and other raw materials for decades and is very good at that job.

Why not just use propionic acid?
ProSid™ MI 700 negates the most obvious drawbacks of propionic acid, and actually does a better job at protecting the grains or feed materials from molds for a long time. The main issues with using propionic acid are:

  • the corrosiveness
  • the smell
  • high volatility

Propionic acid is classified as corrosive/ADR and as such has special requirements for storage and transport, whereas ProSid™ MI 700 does not. It also doesn’t smell as bad as propionic acid.

Finally ProSid™ MI 700 has a longer lasting effect than other mold inhibitors. The molecules in the product are quite different from other products, therefore it evaporates much slower and binds to the grains or other feed materials better than organic acids.

In short: if you want a mold inhibitor that is safe for you and your machinery, that doesn’t smell and that has a long lasting effect, ProSid™ MI 700 is the right solution.

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