Product Basics: ProPhorce™ SR

Our business can get very technical. So much so that sometimes the basics on what a product does are rushed by in favor of technical information on the how and proof questions. Therefore we will periodically post ‘product basics’ that explain what our products do at a level that everyone can understand – not just nutritionists and veterinarians. We will kick off with our star prodigy ProPhorce™ SR.

One can’t explain the benefits of ProPhorce™ SR without mentioning butyric acid, as ProPhorce™ SR is a highly developed method of delivering the effective ingredient butyric acid to the animals intestines where it can do its magic. The benefits of butyric acid are well known in the animal nutrition industry. Butyric acid improves the gut health of farm animals. Simply put that means that the animals:

  • Take up more nutrients from the same feed compared
  • Will grow faster and/or produce better eggs
  • Have a better resistance to diseases related to the gut

Why not just use butyric acid?
So why are we marketing ProPhorce™ SR and not butyric acid? There are two reasons for this:

  1. Butyric acid positively effects gut health, but it has to reach the gut to be effective. In its pure form it is readily absorbed up to the stomach and will never reach the animal’s gut.
  2. Butyric acid has a notoriously bad smell.

ProPhorce™ SR contains esters of butyric acid, essentially meaning that we turned an acid into a fat. In this form it does not smell and does not break down until it reaches the animal’s gut.

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