Preservation of crimped grain - effective protection of your investments

Preservation of crimped grain with ProMyrTM

To ensure an efficient investment in the technology of crimping, following guidelines can be considered:

• Machines for crimping should be checked, prepared and cleaned.
• The area for the grain storage should also be carefully prepared, dried and treated from insects.
• Use solid plastic bags for compact and airtight storage of crimped grain.
• To ensure long-term storage of the crimped grain, it is necessary to use an effective chemical preservative based on formic and propionic acids, like ProMyrTM NT 520 or ProMyrTM NT 570.
• Install the nozzles in a proper place to apply the preservative, to maximize its distribution in the grain and minimize losses.
• Treat the grain by acid preservative preferably immediately after cut, to prevent it from heating.
• Ensure proper compacting, when the grains is stored, to get airtight condition.
• Do not open the plastic bag for six weeks, before the stabilization process ends.
• Watch for possible damages of the plastic film, caused by birds and rodents. Re-seal possible damages.

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