Grand finale of Perstorp Gymnasium's "A chain of chemistry"

Beginning of this year, Perstorp Gymnasium, Perstorp’s own high school, kicked off the project “A chain of chemistry” to increase the lacking interest in chemistry in Swedish schools. Today the grand finale of the project took place – and the chain of knowledge was completed.

“The project has gone very well – event though it was the first time. It has been very educational for all of us”, says Åsa Persson, Headmaster Perstorp High School.

The project has been a collaboration between Perstorp Gymnasium, Vattenhallen Science Center and students from The Faculty of Engineering at Lund University, together with all pupils in the 6th grade in the village Perstorp. The university students have mentored the students from Perstorp Gymnasium, who in their turn have supported the 6th graders to prepare their own chemistry shows for preschoolers. This makes the collaboration a chain of knowledge – from technical university down to preschool.

“The collaboration between the classes has been good, and full of lessons. All students have been a bit shy, and our high school students aren’t really used to taking the lead – making this experience highly useful for them”, says Åsa Persson. She continues:

“The final shows had exciting and well-performed experiments – involving slime, floating potatoes and flying teabags.”

After the show, all 6th graders and high school students got to try out other experiments available at Vattenhallen Science Center in Lund, Sweden.

Åsa Persson

Headmaster Perstorp High School

+46 435 376 90

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