Perstorp Gymnasium helps increase the interest for chemistry

Perstorp’s own high school, Perstorp Gymnasium, has just started a new project in order to increase the lacking interest for chemistry in Swedish schools. The project was kicked off today with exciting chemistry shows.

Boiling Coca Cola, home-made lava lamps and colored water experiments – that was the content of the kick-off of a new project called “A chain of chemistry”, aimed at increasing the lacking interest for chemistry.

The project is a collaboration between Perstorp Gymnasium, Vattenhallen Science Center and students from The Faculty of Engineering at Lund University, together with all pupils in the 6th grade in the village Perstorp. The university students will mentor the students from Perstorp Gymnasium, who in their turn will mentor the 6th graders to prepare their own chemistry shows for preschoolers. This makes the collaboration a chain of knowledge – from technical university to preschool.

The kick-off for the project took place earlier today at the elementary school Centralskolan in Perstorp, where the students from Perstorp High School performed chemistry shows for the 6th graders.

During spring the high school students will lead chemistry lessons and have continuous contact with the pupils. This will help the 6th graders to prepare their own chemistry shows for preschoolers in late April.

“It will be very interesting to see what the pupils will be able to do with our help”, Anton, student at Perstorp Gymnasium says.

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