Discovering the Perstorpers of tomorrow

In order to keep track of potential future employees, Perstorp attends several labor market days each year. At ARKAD earlier this year, process engineer Tony Persson tried out a new way of meeting interesting and interested students to discuss the future.

Tony Persson, process engineer at Site Perstorp, started to work for Perstorp in 2008, just after completing his studies in chemical engineering at Lund University. In November he went back to his old college to participate in the labor market day ARKAD, to meet with students in personal “dialogue sessions”. This gives the students opportunities to have personal conversations with representatives from different companies, in order to learn more about them.

Students from chemical engineering, nanotechnology and environmental engineering wanted to take part in dialogue sessions with Perstorp. Tony started off the sessions with introducing himself as well as Perstorp. Then the students had the chance to talk, ask questions and share their thoughts about the future. The students showed a lot of interest in Perstorp, and wanted to know more about summer jobs, thesis work and future possibilities. The conversations were brief and lasted about 20 minutes.

“The purpose was to inform students about Perstorp so they get to know us better, and at the same time it gives us an excellent opportunity to find interesting candidates for the future”, Tony Persson says.

“It was very interesting to meet these students. They were well-informed and driven, and several of them had profiles that fit Perstorp well. Nanotechnology is for instance a field that could be of interest to our innovations department”.

In addition to the dialogue sessions, a Perstorp stand was set up at ARKAD. Åsa Persson, Chancellor at Perstorp’s own high school, and three additional process engineers from Perstorp were there to meet students.

Tony’s conclusion of the job fair is positive:
“I thought it was time well spent. I myself learnt about Perstorp at ARKAD while I was a student, and it was thanks to it that I got my interview that led to my first job here – so it sure is a valuable meeting place!”

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