Perstorp launches process academy

27 June 2013

As part of the Group’s learning and development work, Perstorp just launched its first Process Academy - an academy designed for young process engineers and scientists being with Perstorp between 1 – 3 years, to provide an all-round grounding in Perstorp’s core processes.

“We aim to provide the participants with an all-round grounding in our core processes and knowledge of the unique characteristics of our production sites so that we have a pool of process engineers whom could advance to more senior roles within the Group. This is an exciting development for us,” says Joan Pennington, EVP HR & Communication.

The Process Academy comprises eight modules of varying length, covering areas like Perstorp chemistry, product application, design & modelling, maintenance, EHSQ and production management. Lectures are complemented with practical lab training.

The kick-off session got positive feedback from the participants and next Process Academy with a new set of students will begin early next year.

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