Strategic focus

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Chapter 2

Strategic focus

The way forward: focused on growth

Our transformational journey of the last few years has seen us moving steadily forward along three strategic lines: 1) internal transformation, 2) growth investments such as our Oxo plant in Stenungsund, and now 3) increased focus on strengthened leadership within our Leading Change initiative. Using these three as enablers for step-change in EBITDA and cash flow, Perstorp has a clear focus on markets, customers and performance excellence for 2017.

Strategies 2017

Underlying end-market growth

  • Take advantage of above-GDP growth in selected niches, driven by and capitalizing on macro-trends and our strong market positions

Innovation and niche product development

  • Drive technology evolution to create new product derivatives
  • Pursue niche-focused product innovation, meeting real end-market needs

Integrated platform advantage

  • Maximize value along the product chains
  • Remove bottlenecks to expand
  • Draw full potential from new Valeraldehyde platform

Cash generation and deleveraging

  • Reduce debt leverage with sensible cash management
  • Be selective with new strategic investments

Focus Areas for Leadership for Full Potential

In 2016, we increased focus on how leadership dynamics can bring our transformation to the next level. In kicking off 2017, we’ve introduced a new methodology for setting divisional strategies throughout the company. The Executive Leadership Team and our main functional teams have each developed goals for the coming year, centered on fully empowering all people at Perstorp for extraordinary results. As we continue to develop this new focus internally, we’re confident we will reach our overall business objectives and bring significantly higher value to all our customers.

Executive Leadership Team

Fully empowered Perstorp

Supply Chain

100% passion for first time right

Go from a reactive to a proactive state – working as one team instead of in silos. That’s our way forward to better serve our customers and boost satisfaction both for them and ourselves.


Full ownership of a safety-driven culture

Increase focus on competence, motivation and culture. Safety is about clear rules. Yet equally important is motivational leadership to help employees understand and follow the rules. We must be sure to follow up with consequences if rules are intentionally disregarded and celebration for good progress.

Regions and Group Management

One culture for all Perstorpers

Clarify Perstorp’s common culture with emphasis on Care, Joy and Excellence – owned and lived by everyone in the company.


One team driving the common agenda delivering right

Work as one: one team, one agenda, one goal. We have transparency between each other, and courage to make decisions and move forward.

Finance, Legal and IT

True excellence in enabling business success

Understand business needs, prioritizing fewer “nice to have” initiatives and more of what really matters. Key words are trust and empowerment. We simplify processes and make it ok to dare and try new things.

Specialties & Solutions

Full ownership of our own future

Listen to others around us, but dare to take a stand for where and how we make a difference. Believe in ourselves and what we do, creating involvement within the team and the courage to step out of our comfort zone to take ownership for extraordinary results.

Advanced Chemicals & Derivatives

All in Perstorp are fully aligned on an outside-in AC&D strategy that is executed efficiently

Make the AC&D strategy understood and alive for everyone within Perstorp so decisions are made accordingly. Because understanding creates motivation for execution.

Leading change from good to great

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Chapter 2

Leading change from good to great

Follow the highlights of our transformation during the last four years


  • year of self-examination and preparation
  • new management in place
  • identification of untapped potential and the need for a more outside-in, market and customer-driven organization
  • project Mont Blanc started, leading to the 'From Good to Great' transformation


  • year of reorganization and transformation beginnings
  • new functional organization based on two strong business areas: Advanced Chemicals & Derivatives for supply/demand driven products, and Specialties & Solutions for more value driven, differentiated business
  • development of end-to-end supply chain linking operations and business to balance needs from both customers and suppliers
  • launch of sales and operational planning process, a required base for GREAT performance
  • new forecasting system, moving responsibility from product management to sales, and giving them appropriate tools
  • manufacturing assets brought together into one common operations function under new management
  • acquistion of Chemko's Penta business in Slovakia


  • year of strategic and ambitious investment
  • Oxo-plant in Stenungsund officially inaugurated, the largest investment in the history of Perstorp
  • Perstorp becomes one of few fully integrated plasticizer suppliers worldwide, giving customers increased reliability, consistency and customization
  • talent management program enables succession planning
  • Commercial Excellence in pricing and new pricing model, PACE, fully implemented for more data-driven and transparent view in pricing products
  • aquisition of the Penta business from Koei in Japan


  • year of making the model work and preparation for Leading Change
  • new organization for Global Key Accounts to deepen relationships for growth and profitability
  • operations focused on optimizing produced volumes, introducing a new plant performance measure and overall equipment effectiveness
  • Leadership Academy, our biggest investment in leadership training in 15 years, brought together approx. 100 top managers at Perstorp for a three + one day training in leading change towards extraordinary results
  • November 17 we successfully closed refinancing and secured a renewed long-term capital structure to further strengthen our market position in coming years


  • We've reached the midway mark in transforming Perstorp from a Good to GREAT company. Now it's time to harvest the benefits, entering a period where we consolidate and deliver. We'll continue to focus on our customers and our markets, preparing to act even faster on new or changing conditions. At the same time, we're shifting to a new phase in our transformation: leadership. By empowering our leaders and employees to reach their full potential – while providing them with training and coaching – we'll take advantage of the structural changes we've made to reach a new level for our whole company and our industry. Because our commitment to each other and our industry is long-term.

Business units

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Chapter 2

Business units

Specialties & Solutions

Collaboration and teamwork are the hallmarks of our progress during the past year. We even got a hero’s welcome with police escort on one occasion. Our success in 2016 is measured not just in one single achievement, but in our total development across many areas with strong input from all our team members.

Capa™ healthier than ever

Continuing to build capabilities in several segments and focusing on collaboration with our customers, we achieved more than 3 times the average market growth with maintained good profitability and several sales records during the year.

Feeding growth

Our Feed business grew in many directions, including new markets in China and the US. In the latter, ProPhorce™ SR – part of our new product portfolio for gut health based on glycerol esters – saw success as an alternative to use of antibiotics as growth promoters. We also picked up the pace towards becoming the perceived leader in Preservation and Gut Health, as well as in meeting more customer needs digitally.

Sales records in SPPO

For Specialty Polyols (SPPO), we continued to strengthen our leading positions in key sub-segments within intumescent coatings, polyurethane dispersions, radiation curing and polymer additives.

Through close collaboration with leading players, and successfully gaining market shares from competing technologies (especially in intumescent and polymer additives in the Americas), we’ve achieved record sales in 8 of our 15 product families. We’re also making further inroads into the plastic arena with Akestra becoming food compliant in EU in 2016. (Akestra is launched in cooperation with Mitsubishi Gas Chemical and brought to Europe by Perstorp.)

Take-off in runway de-icing

Through our Nordway™ product, we’ve established Perstorp as one of the leading European suppliers in runway de-icer. In 2016, we further strengthened our positions, mainly in Germany, France and Scandinavia. In fact, Perstorp played a crucial role in keeping Arlanda International Airport open when the worst snowfall in over a century hit Stockholm. Our Nordway™ de-icer received a police escort to help get flights in the air and travelers safely to their destinations without further delay. We’re now the chosen supplier for the coming contract.

Learn more about our offerings in Specialties & Solutions

Business units

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Chapter 2

Business units

Advanced Chemicals & Derivatives

2016 was marked by an overall strengthening of our global leadership position for our Advanced Chemical & Derivatives offering. “Breaking records” was certainly a theme for this business area over the past year, and we look forward to challenging ourselves to beat those new records in the coming year.

Breaking records

Both our TMP and Penta businesses had record margins: Penta in both actual and per kg, and TMP thanks to regular customer business as well as supply agreements with co-producers (BASF, Oxea). Already by the end of November, our TMP team in Perstorp, Sweden managed to beat the previously held yearly volume record. Our DPHP plant in Stenungsund also achieved several seven-day production records, while China produced and sold record Neo volumes.

Robust regional growth

Business in the US has gradually grown strong with improved margins. In addition, we had impressive growth in APAC at over 35% above 2015, and well above budget. We maintained our strong position in EMEA as well.

Sold out for Emoltene™

After a tough market situation during the first half of 2016, we have now maximized our Emoltene™ volumes in production. We’re pleased to say that our stock is sold out and margins are increasing.

Pevalen™ approved for sustainable textile production

Perstorp has been awarded ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® for its Pevalen™ true non-phthalate plasticizer, which certifies that Pevalen™ can be used in sustainable textile production. Along with a continuously increasing demand for Pevalen™, there is also an increased demand for OEKO-TEX® certification from the coated fabrics industry.

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Business units

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Chapter 2

Business units


BioDiesel is the best and most widely available transport fuel for those who want to make a sustainable, climate-saving difference. Perstorp is a leading player in Scandinavia for BioDiesels based on RME (Rapeseed Methyl Ester), both in low blend and as high-performance, 100% BioDiesel (Verdis Polaris™).

Ambitious growth plans

Perstorp acquired a production plant for biodiesel in Fredrikstad, Norway at the end of 2015, almost doubling production capacity and allowing us to grow our premium-branded products Verdis Polaris™ and Aura™ unconstrained. In 2016, we focused on integrating this plant. Start-up is running excellently and according to expectations, fueling growth.

Realities of uncertainty and competition

2016 saw continuous uncertainty with regards to political decisions regarding biofuels in Sweden. We also saw some set-back in demand for B100 in Sweden due to competition from tax-free HVO and cheap fossil diesel.

Introducing new products

During 2016, we introduced the non-mobile product BioCaleo™ in the Norwegian market. Perstorp is also planning to launch a partly non-crop based biofuel in the future. Keep watching for exciting developments in our BioProducts line-up.

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