Sustainable Innovation

For Perstorp, a focused approach to innovation is about constantly coming up with relevant ideas to develop our company, our offering and the value we create for customers and society. We combine insights in relevant trends with customer needs, and channel our strengths where they make the biggest impact for our customers – and the people everywhere whose lives are touched by our products.

Focused innovation for sustainable solutions

Our approach to innovation includes new product development, but also enhanced functionality and adaption of existing products to new market opportunities as well as continuously improve competitiveness of our production processes. Perstorp’s innovation team has developed a tool to keep focus on different aspects of sustainability and sustainable products in the project portfolio. 

Roughly 80 percent of our research and development initiatives focuses on finding new sustainable solutions to reduce environmental impacts and meet the market demand for more environmentally responsible products. We seek input early on, to check whether our developments are relevant and valuable, and believe that keeping close ties and working together is the way forward.

Collaboration is important to us

Perstorp participates in several research consortia working with customers as well as leading scientists on new technologies to develop new opportunities, business models and markets. Not the least addressing the challenges of sustainability and circular economy requires collaboration along the value chain. For instance, only during 2019, we were active in 12 external research programs involving 124 partners at Universities, Institutes and Industry. These projects explore and contribute to several important areas, including chemical recycling, bio­based chemicals and electrification.

Pioneering Pro-Environment Solutions

Perstorp has the solutions needed for sustainable societies. Our Pro-­Environment range of products enables our customers to bring renewable products to their respective end markets. The Pro­Environment product portfolio also contributes to Perstorp achieving Finite Material Neutral by driving the shift toward renewable raw materials and energy.

The criteria for Pro-­Environment Solutions are:

  • ...partly or fully renewable or recycled origin
  • ...carbon footprint reduction
  • ...ISCC PLUS certified
  • ...based on an ISCC certified mass balance concept

Furthermore, our Pro-­Environment Solutions are drop­in, meaning that their quality is identical to the fossil­based products they can substitute. This avoids the need for customers to alter their equipment or processes. At present, Perstorp’s Pro­-Environment Solutions consist of two sub­portfolios – Polyols and Specialty Products – with a new renewable polyol ester, the non­phthalate plasticizer, Pevalen™ Pro, launched late in 2019.

Project AIR: Towards a climate neutral industry


Methanol is one of the most important raw materials for the chemical industry. Project AIR aims to substitute all the 200,000 tons of fossil methanol that Perstorp uses annually in Europe as a raw material for chemical products.

Learn more about the project >>

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