80% of our R&D focus on finding new sustainable solutions to reduce the impact on our planet and to meet future market needs.

Sustainable innovation covers everything we do to minimize our impact on the planet. It also covers finding new sustainable solutions that benefits our society. 80% of our R&D fouces on developing new sustainable innovations. That figure will not decrease. We focus on developing solutions that meet our customers’ and society's need, but that also are a better choice and have less impact on the environment and its resources during the entire life cycle.

UN has put 17 Sustainable Development Goals in place that are to unite us in contributing to a more sustainable world by 2030. We have identified six of these where we see that we can make a difference. Read more about our response here.

We believe that partnering throughout the value chain is a key enabler for a sustainable world. We need to collaborate with suppliers, customers as well as with competitors. This is a journey we think is best done together. Join us. 

SDG goals