Care – Acting respectfully in all situations

We operate in an industry where accidents can have severe consequences and where our business and decisions impact many people. Therefore, health and safety is a top priority, and acting respectfully and fair with regards to people, environment and society are deeply rooted in our values and how we do business. 

Responsible business

As a responsible business, we also have to be a responsible employer, buyer, business partner and corporate citizen, as well as operating our company in a thoughtful manner – to bring ‘Thoughtful Chemistry’ to the market.

We believe that managing our business responsibly is the basis for long-term business success. We work continuously with sustainability with the aim of making gradual progress, which often involves working on multiple fronts.

Employee health & safety

We seek to constantly strengthen our health and safety culture maturity since we believe this is the foundation for a healthy and safe workplace. We have a comprehensive plan for the development of a strong health and safety culture and to ensure continuous development, we work with the Perstorp Careway, which is a model that focuses on the characteristics and behaviors of organizations with a strong health and safety culture. We measure the development of our health and safety culture throughout our company through internal assessments. 

Responsible sourcing

It is essential that we co-operate and co-innovate with our value chain partners to reduce our own footprint and develop a more sustainable industry. An important part of this work is to address the risks of negative impacts or unlawful practices and in our supply chains.

Our suppliers must acknowledge our Vendor Policy, which is based on our Code of Conduct and includes human rights, labor standards, anti-corruption and environmental responsibility. All large spend and/or high-risk suppliers are systematically assessed using a self-assessment tool. Around 80 percent of Perstorp’s total spend, including our main suppliers of raw materials, is covered by this approach.

Ethical business practices

Perstorp’s Code of Conduct includes our business principles related to anti-corruption, anti-competitive behavior and public policy. This overall guidance is complemented by more specific policies and procedures, such as a specific anti-bribery policy. Perstorp also expects its suppliers, distributors and other business partners with which it has close relations, to act according to our business principles.

An orange butterfly on a branch with green leaves 

Safeguarding sensitive information

In a digitalized world, we must protect our business data and handle information responsibly. We work to minimize the risk of sensitive information ending up in the wrong hands through accidental information sharing, theft, coercion, bribery etc. Perstorp has a dedicated Head of Data Privacy and Information Security at Group level to address the protection of information related to our business and personnel.

Whistleblower function

Employees are encouraged to correct or report non-compliance with the Perstorp Code of Conduct through our internal whistleblowing function. The function enables the anonymous reporting of any suspected misconduct. Alleged non-compliance can also be reported to an immediate manager, or to the Head of HR or Head of Legal.

Employee development

We aim to empower employees by providing opportunities to develop and grow. We offer a wide variety of training courses, leadership programs, talent management, skill development and individualized development plans. Every employee regularly reviews their performance with their immediate manager – to set and follow up targets, and to discuss their career ambitions.

Diversity and inclusion

Perstorp strives to be an equal opportunity employer. We aim to be able to have at least one representative from each sex with the right competences invited to the final round of interviews. For leadership positions, we aim to have at least one “non-Swedish” applicant with the right competence invited to the final round of interviews. The overall gender target for all employees is a 60/40 male/female ratio by 2025.