Downstream sustainability contributions

We are constantly innovating to enable solutions that support the sustainable transformation of our value chains and the society. In fact, all Perstorp innovation projects has to have a sustainability driver. 

Examples of sustainability contributions which our products can enable for products and processes in the steps after Perstorp in the value chains. These sustainability contributions are in addition to enabling reduction of CO2 emissions and shift to sustainable materials (Pro-Environment portfolio):

Examples of sustainability targets

Innovation drives our sustainability work

Innovation is a major driver for the development of more sustainable products and processes. Perstorp is a part of various R&D collaborations with academia, SMEs, research institutes and other partners to develop more sustainable solutions. New products are developed in line with a safe and sustainable by design approach and are often based on renewable or recycled materials where we also strive to support circularity.

Project AIR: Towards a climate neutral industry

Methanol is one of the most important raw materials for the chemical industry. Project AIR aims to substitute all the 200,000 tons of fossil methanol that Perstorp uses annually in Europe as a raw material for chemical products.

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