Taking polyurethane dispersions to the next level

Join this webinar to learn how various chain lengths of nonionic diols impact final properties for PUD and enable more versatile product performance.

Polyurethane dispersions continue to gain market shares in order to meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations and brand owner requirements. They are widely appreciated for their versatility, high performance, and minimal environmental impact thanks to low VOC-content and dispersibility in water.

However, there is a need to broaden the application window and enable more precise performance. Presenting the new generation of Ymer™ grades, this free webinar discusses the tools for just that.

Presenter: Håkan Björnberg - Innovation Director, Perstorp

Håkan has more than 30 years of experience in Innovation and Business Development in the chemical industry, primarily in the areas of Resins & Coatings, Advanced Materials and Feed Additives. Roughly a decade ago, Håkan began to explore the challenges that producers of waterborne PUD were facing. As a result, the first Ymer™ grade was born.

This live webinar took place on April 28th 2022. You can re-watch the recording now.

Håkan Björnberg

Business Development Manager

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