HS Number: 390729 CAS Number: 131483-27-7

Ymer™ N90 is a polymeric nonionic dispersing monomer containing two primary hydroxyl groups which are incorporated in the polymer and can be used to disperse the polymer (polyurethanes, alkyds and polyesters) in water. Ymer™ N90 allows you to fine tune specific properties of your waterborne polyurethane dispersions. It has been specifically designed with a long ethoxylated chain to help add more softness and flexibility in the final product.

Achieve the right softness, stability and flexibility in your PUDs

Optimize your polyurethane dispersions with Ymer™ N90, which is ideal for a range of applications including flexible and abrasion resistant formulations for leather and textiles, and soft-feel coatings for plastics.

Segment applications

  • Waterborne resins systems (e.g. alkyd, epoxy, polyester, polyurethane)
  • Polyurethane dispersions
  • Hydrophilic PU-systems
  • Surfactants
  • Fiber sizing
  • Chemical building block
  Ymer™ N90  Ymer™ N120  Ymer™ N180
 Chain length, EO  Long  Medium  Short
 Delivery form  Solid at room temperature  Solid at room temperature  Liquid at room temperature
 Viscosity in PUD  High, shear thinning  Medium  Low, Newtonian
 Shear stability  Good  Good  Good
 pH and electrolyte stability  Excellent  Excellent  Excellent
 Freeze/thaw stability  Good  Good  Best
 Ethanol resistance  Excellent  Good  Fair
 König hardness  Softest  Soft  Hard
 E-modulus  Low  Low  High
 Tensile strength  Low  Low  High

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