Boosting alkyd resins performance, sustainability & safety profile

Alkyd resins are widely used for surface coatings thanks to their excellent properties, reliability, drying speed and competitive cost compared to alternative binders. Alkyd-based coatings are generally applied on substrates such as metals, woods or concrete walls for their decoration and protection. Perstorp offers a versatile portfolio of building blocks for the formulation of high-performance and more sustainable alkyd resins.

A key challenge when developing alkyd resins is to meet consumer and regulatory demands in a cost-efficient manner. Meeting low VOC legislation, reducing your carbon footprint or switching to waterborne alkyds requires high-performing products, dedicated expertise and hands-on support.

Protective coatings that protect the environment

If you are looking to fine-tune resins and coatings to meet low VOC demands with high solids and waterborne solutions, we have the perfect portfolio for you. Perstorp has a long history in Pentaerythritol-applications and is a leader in Pro-Environment polyols. We have developed the sustainable technology, knowledge and expertise to add an innovative edge and real value to your alkyds. This includes developing waterborne alkyds with high performance properties and low environmental impact.

Our Pro-Environment products are designed to reduce your carbon footprint by using renewable or recycled raw materials such as Voxtar™ and Evyron™, our renewable equivalents to Penta and TMP. The results are low VOC and low CO2 alkyd paints that give outstanding protection without any trade-offs in performance or durability.

With us as a collaborative partner you will be able to reduce your development cost and speed up the transitioning process to waterborne solutions. Our comprehensive service offer can support you on the journey by providing development support, IP support and a digital formulation tool. With production sites on three continents, we strive to optimize supply security across the globe.



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