Waterborne alkyds are based on emulsion technology which allows traditional solvents to be replaced by water. Swapping out solvents for water comes with many benefits such as lower VOC levels and reduced dependency on fossil raw materials. In other words, working with waterborne alkyds significantly improves the sustainability, health and safety credentials of the final paint.

A sustainable switch without compromise in performance.

Thanks to today’s advanced technologies, there is no longer need to compromise between performance and environmental impact. Over the past decades, the alkyd emulsion has grown from a niche to a standard resin for the coating industry. Waterborne alkyds are now a preferred sustainable binder in numerous applications such as wood coatings for both exterior and interior use. Legislation on VOC levels and the use of non-fossil materials will keep driving this development forward.

Perstorp is the world’s leading provider of alkyd building blocks where sustainability meets technical performance. This includes renewable polyols, based on a traceable mass balance concept, such as Voxtar™ and Evyron™,  Perstorp’s renewable versions of Pentaerythritol and TMP. Just like the rest of Perstorp’s Pro-Environment portfolio, these products are designed to reduce the carbon footprint and support sustainable sourcing of renewable raw material and come with an ISCC PLUS certification.

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Image showing alkyds hybrids and acrylics additives