CAS Number: 3302-10-1 HS Number: 291590

Isononanoic acid (3,5,5-Trimethylhexanoic acid) is a critical carboxylic acid intermediate. It is used in the production of polyol ester based synthetic lubricants for refrigeration or aviation. The high and consistent purity of the product provides precise and reliable attributes to the applications. Isononanoic acid is also used as a corrosion inhibitor in industrial fluids and coolants; as a monomer in the synthesis of alkyd resins for stoving enamels and two-component paints.

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Consistent purity for high-performance formulations

Paving the way for next generation lubricants

Paving the way for next generation lubricants Isononanoic acid is a critical building block of polyol ester based synthetic lubricants especially for refrigeration lubricants. Its unique branched structure provides both stability and compatibility with non-ozone depleting and low to no global warming potential refrigeration gases, contributing to todays and tomorrow’s sustainability goals.

Together with other essential polyols and carboxylic acids, Perstorp offers a complete portfolio of building blocks for refrigeration lubricant formulation.

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