Akestra™ - Upgrading recycled PET with irresistible resistance

Perstorp Akestra™ is engineered to transform plastic waste into packaging which adds value to your business.

Where PET would usually fail, Akestra™ adds irresistible sparkle and heat resistance up to 90°C by upgrading RPET, meaning food packaging applications no longer need virgin plastics like polystyrene. By enhancing the usability of recycled PET, this innovative layering material is a more circular and more sustainable solution.

Glass like plastic

Akestra™ embodies a sparkling glass-like appearance that is sure to enhance both disposable and reusable packaging. It can be used as a polystyrene alternative for heat resistant thin wall containers and a glass alternative for hot-fill food containers.

Hot fill up to 100°C 

The high glass transition temperature combined with its amorphous and high strength properties make it a superior alternative for food packaging. With Akestra you can hot fill up to 100°C.

Improve your rPET properties

Akestra™ can easily be combined with other plastics to improve their properties.  Thanks to its similarities with PET when it comes to processing, with Akestra™, you can use your PET-production lines without any further investments. This enables you to offer an innovative alternative to polycarbonate, polystyrene and even glass to your customers.

Clearly the way ahead in heat resistant packaging

Winning properties – clarity, heat resistance & approved for food contact.

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Performance advantages

  1. Unique heat resistant plastic
  2. Safe for food contact
  3. Glass like and appealing look

Business advantages

  1. Shelf stand-out
  2. Sustainable: Can be combined with up to 80% of recycled PET, increasing the performance of PET
  3. Appealing and safe packaging

Food compliant & fire classified

Perstorp's key monomer in Akestra™ holds both the positive opinion of EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) and top class plastic fire classification B according to EN13501-1

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