Poultry gut health solutions

We offer an array of solutions that can help you to improve the performance of your animals supporting gut health. We have solutions that can be incorporated in feed and solutions to be used in water.

The poultry production cycle is faced with many potential challenges. Advanced production systems focus on optimizing gut integrity and protecting your flocks from pathogenic infections. Strategically implementing our solutions for poultry could help you to improve your results and animal performance, and protect the wellbeing of your chickens.

Improving gut integrity

To reach their growth potential, broilers need to be able to utilize the nutrients in their feed. They also need to have a balanced microbiome to support their immune systems and help protect them against pathogens. Especially day old chicks are very sensitive animals that are easily infected. Supplying a butyrin solution such as ProPhorce™ SR gives you the opportunity to support your animals to reach their full potential and to stay healthy.

Support nutrient utilization

Particularly in the later stage of lay, birds will benefit immensely from a healthy nutrient uptake and utilization. We have seen ProPhorce™ SR impact the calcium and phosphorus absorption in egg laying birds. Calcium and phosphorus (Ca/P) affect crucial functions in the body such as pH, muscle function, the strength of the bones and eggshell. If you have problems with eggshell quality ProPhorce™ SR and/or our water solutions could be the solution you’re looking for.      

Water quality for improved protection and performance

All known life needs water to function. After air it is arguable the most important prerequisite for life. However inpoultry production water can also be a source of risks. In the young bird’s life one of the main threats are pathogens. It can be very costly for farmers to have infected animals, and water is an important pathway for pathogens to multiply. It is possible to mitigate pathogenic threats in water by supplementation with products that effect pH such as our water solutions. 

You can even take it one step further and support gut integrity and the digestibility of the feed by using ProPhorce™ Exclusive NC which contains butyrins.

We can not only help you to preserve the hygienic quality of your water, but of your feed too! Here you can read more about our feed hygiene products >> 

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