ProPhorce™ SR: the last 10 years in one anniversary video

A decade ago, the first adventurous Perstorp customers believed in the tributyrin concept enough to give it a try. They did not regret it, and look at us now! Tributyrins are a staple product in the toolbox of many nutritionists around the world.

We at Perstorp are grateful of this success and are taking a moment to reflect on it. That is 10 years of ProPhorce™ SR delivering a high concentration of butyric acid right where it is needed and 10 years supporting animal performance, daily weight gain, FCR and gut health via a user friendly solution that is odorless, stable and easy to handle. That is something we are proud of. Thank you to all of you who have joined us for the ride!

Virag Zsombok

Marketing Support Manager


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